Not ready for branding? A logo is a great start!

Some examples of logos to start you off, these are a brief selection and show huge variety.

Every one is after something unique to them. No one logo is the same if you pick a designer to do it!

Read below to learn more about the logo process and what you would get from CEB Graphics.


These days there are a lot of places online you can get a logo made but having one made bespoke to you by a designer can set you above the rest.

This logo will be designed with you in mind and not just you but the image you wish to get across for your own business. You may already have a logo but its just not working for you or the brand that you have created or you may just be starting out and need one that suits the ideas you have, either way this can be done to a standard in which no one else will have.

Designing a logo this way is not a quick process by which an image is just generated but takes time and effort. It will require research, thought and attention to ensure the final design targets the correct market for your business.

A carefully designed logo can attract business by aiming at the right target audience.

The process in which the logo will be developed is as follows:

Research (target market, business)
Idea generation and design
Delivery (various file formats and options available)

CEB Graphics has had many a positive responses some of which you can read from the testimonials.

Why choose CEB Graphics?

You will have CEB Graphics undivided attention throughout the whole project. CEB Graphics has written and designed everything you see on this website, so you can be confident of the service provided.

If your searching the web for a cheaper or quicker option (like a generated logo) please bare in mind some just create a ‘pretty image’ without any consideration of your goals or target audience, which could cause damage in the long run, or you may then find you have to start from the beginning once you realise it isn’t working for you.

CEB Graphics will help you with the whole process and many other aspects of your business advertising that you may come across. If you come back to CEB Graphics wanting something else designed after the logo you will be remembered and we will be able to deliver the best advertising for you knowing what was briefed and having done our research.

What do you get at the end of the logo design project?  – What’s included?

Your logo design will be delivered to you in several file formats, allowing your business to grow.
There are different packages for logo design (you can request these via the contact page)
These packages may include the following:

CMYK version
Printed documents are made up of 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).
This version will be ideal on any printed literature where full colour photos are used.
I will provide a CMYK version as both a Vector (EPS) and Jpeg to give flexibility across design software,
and office based software such as Word or PowerPoint.

Pantone colour version
Design permitting, this format is ideal for single or 2 colour colour literature, pens and stationery where print costs are limited.
This will be provided in Vector (EPS) format.

Pure black version
This version is pure black and white version of your logo. Ideal for black and white, or single colour documents.
Provided in Vector (EPS) format.

Pure white knockout
Want to use your logo across a dark photo, or on a solid dark colour? A white version solves visibility issues.
Provided in Vector (EPS) format.

RGB version
Unlike print colours, screen colours are made up of Red, Green and Blue, mixing the light of each colour to make up the full colour spectrum.
These are usually used for web purposes only.

A PDF User Guideline Document
A document displaying how to use the final agreed logo design. You can ask to view an example logo userguide  * terms and conditions apply